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American Bakery Products, Inc.

14201 Tireman Ave.
Dearborn, MI 48126

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Since 1990, American Bakery Products, Inc. (ABP) has been committed to supplying the highest quality Lawash Flatbread to the food market. The company arised in Pontiac, MI and then moved operations to Dearborn, MI in the year 2000. We have broadened our product line to a variety of Mediterranean foods to become more diverse. Our experience and mastery of manufacturing Lawash® flatbread, Pita bread and Pita chips allows us to develop an elite product value.

Our consumers consist of schools, universities, supermarkets, restaurants and individuals. We sell our products to major food distributors such as I&K, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Gordon Food Service, Lipari, SuperValu, Sysco and U.S. Foods. American Bakery mainly does marketing throughout the Midwest, but we are expanding our markets. Within the Midwest, you can find our product in most Busch's® Fresh Food Markets, GFS® Marketplace, Meijers®, Krogers®, Spartan® Food Stores, TOPS Markets® and many more. With all that being said, don't think we have boundaries, we will service anyone, no matter your location.

Our products are made fresh every day in the production facility and then distributed fresh to our customers. We use only highest quality flour and the purest spices in order to provide you with the best tasting Lawash® flatbread. Our main emphasis is to provide our customers with foremost client-services and the freshest product at an affordable rate.